What is Health Coaching?

It is a program that pairs you with a Health Coach who gives you information, advice and encouragement to help you set and reach health goals.

Who is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is an expert in the process of health behavior change. Health coaches work in partnership with their clients to help them enhance personal accountability, set goals and take action to achieve and sustain health supporting behaviors.

Why should I participate?

Your health is your most important asset. Working with an experienced certified Health Coach gives you resources and support to help you be your healthiest. You may also need to see a Health Coach if:

You’re running low on motivation. A health coach can help you build confidence, provide support and offer inspiration.

You need someone on your side. Your Health Coach is like a really knowledgeable friend who’s there to listen, ask good questions and keep you on track with your goals.

Why not my Doctor?

There is very clear distinction between a Doctor and a Health coach.

The Doctor treats acute condition; the Health Coach helps patients help themselves.

The Doctor prescribes, the Coach motivates and builds confidence.

The Doctor relies on skill and expert knowledge; the Coach strives to help patients discover their own answers.

The Doctor focuses on the problem. the Coach focuses on what is working well.

The Doctor advises and the Coach collaborates.

The Doctor doesn’t have time to talk about health strategies, the Coach will talk about your goals and discuss an approach to achieve it.

I would like to get a feel of how you work with clients. Can I do so without purchasing any session?

Yes! I offer an introductory consultation free of charge. We’ll talk about your goals, discuss my approach and determine whether we’re a good fit for working together.

How long do clients work with you?

It varies but I typically encourage clients to commit to commit to a minimum of 3 months. This recommendation is based on the principle of behavior change and allows my clients to make sustainable health changes, take small steps while receiving support and partnership from me as the Health Coach.

I do offer some shorter programs that serve to introduce clients to coaching but still allow them to build confidence through health enhancing strategies.

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